Global Citizenship~World Class Education News

The Coalition for Global Citizenship 2030 is working on a year long video news project titled “Global Citizenship~World Class Education News” that will feature video or freestyle success stories from organizations that are learning about best practices to advance the work of global citizenship. If you are interested in participating in this project, please send the Coalition a freestyle video statement (via camera phone) from your office on your work as related to global citizenship.

Unarmed Civilian Protection: A Learning Unit on Disarmament Education for Global Citizenship #1

With this posting the Global Campaign for Peace Education begins a series on “Disarmament Education for Global Citizenship.” Each posting will address a concept, transition strategy, nonviolent global institution or civil society initiative that could be a practical component of a disarmed world.

We start with this video on Unarmed Civilian Protection, a civil society initiative undertaken by the Nonviolent Peace Force in various conflict areas of the world, similar to actions undertaken by various non-governmental organizations. We view it as a possible component of a preferred future global security system that actually functions now in the present highly armed, excessively violent security system.

The People’s Report Card: Assessing the Sustainable Development Goals

Global Citizen has teamed up with the Social Progress Imperative to launch ‘The People’s Report Card’. It’s a Report Card on the progress that the world as whole and each of the countries of the world is making against the Sustainable Development Goals. It’s the People’s Report Card because it is a tool for citizens everywhere to check on how whether their leaders are living up to their promises.

Members of the School Parliament organize a puppet show to promote inclusion and tolerance, Jordan. (Photo: @2014 UNRWA, Alaa Ghosheh.)

Making global citizenship education possible for refugees

Ozlem Eskiocak Oguzertem, the Human Rights Education Programme Coordinator of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) shares the story of UNRWA’s efforts at introducing and integrating Global Citizenship Education (GCE) through its Human Rights, Conflict Resolution and Tolerance Education Programme. “Global citizenship for all is a long-term endeavour. At UNRWA, we recognize our part in the evolutionary process of GCE and take action to engage refugees in this process.”