Call for Submissions: On-line How to Manual for Colleges and Universities Developing and/or Enhancing their Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies

Submissions are sought for contributions to the 2nd Edition of the Free On-line How to Manual for Colleges and Universities Developing and/or Enhancing their Programs in Peace and Conflict Studies. Submission deadline: October 1.

Call for Applications, World Innovation Summit for Education, Accelerator

The WISE Accelerator is dedicated to supporting and developing innovative education initiatives with high potential for scalability and positive impact. The program engages qualified mentors and partners with the specific expertise to support and ensure the development of projects through effective, concrete strategies.

Review of Peace Education Activities in Pakistan

This research paper by Rameez Ahmed Sheikh focuses and illustrates the nature of peace education in Pakistan in the context of a culture of peace. The informative aspects of the paper analyses and evaluates peace education in Pakistan and in an international context. The discussion about peace education in Pakistan needs more attention of promoters regarding peace activities. The paper also engaged in an examination of principles, ideals, and actual practice behind peace education.

Building a Peace Education Program: Critical Reflections on the Notre Dame University Experience in the Philippines

This paper draws upon the experiential and theoretical insights gained from 5 years of developing a peace education program at Notre Dame University in the Philippines. The critical reflections on that experience encompass the processes, relationships, and structures embodied in the program, and its achievements, constraints, difficulties, and prospects for the future. It is hoped that a case study of peace education in the Philippine context, which is burdened by such deep crises of conflict, violence, and human suffering, may yield meaningful answers and questions for enhancing the craft and struggle of educating for peace, justice, and compassion.

Making Peace: How Schools can Foster a more Peaceful World

The research of Silvia Diazgranados Ferráns, an instructor and doctoral candidate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, reveals peace education as a complex field that seeks to help schools build communities that foster peacemaking and citizenship — to encourage students to become empathetic, inclusive, critical thinkers who have the skills to live peaceful lives.

Distinguished panelists and participants gather for the 2015 Global Peace Education Forum, "How Might Educators, Entrepreneurs and Public Authorities Foster Synergies for School Transformation?" at the University of Malaya.

Global Peace Education Forum 2015, “How Might Educators, Entrepreneurs and Public Authorities Foster Synergies for School Transformation?”

Cross-Sectional Collaboration – The Key to Collective Efforts to Nurture Holistic Youth (Original article: Archana Divi Chandra Mohan Pillai, Global Peace Foundation Malaysia, 11-6-15) With growing concern about the future generation, on September 17, 2015 the Global Peace Foundation-Malaysia brought together education stakeholders from various sectors at the Global Peace Education Forum 2015, “How Might Educators, […]

Emerging Practices in Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Education for Peacebuilding Programming

Rebecca Herrington: Search for Common GroundDesign, Monitoring, and Evaluation Specialist This practical Guide contributes to learning and growth of education for peacebuilding by focusing on key elements of program design, monitoring, and evaluation (DM&E) for education interventions with peacebuilding aims in fragile and conflict-affected environments. Presenting critical information, practical tips, resources and tools for all […]

3rd Annual Peacebuilding Conference: “Teaching Peace: Education as an Essential Peacebuilding Tool”

Kansas City Colleges Peacebuilding Conference Demonstrates the Power of Higher Education Collaboration

(Original article: David J. Smith,, 11-2-15) October 30-31, 2015 the 3rd Annual Peacebuilding Conference “Teaching Peace: Education as an Essential Peacebuilding Tool”  was sponsored by three Kansas City area colleges: Johnson County Community College, Park University, and Rockhurst University.   Medical Missions Foundation was also a co-sponsor.   The first day of the conference was […]

Audiência está marcada para as 10 horas, no plenário 10 (Divulgação)

Audiência discutirá educação voltada à cultura da paz

(Original article: Aqui Acontece, 10-8-2015) As comissões de Cultura; e de Educação da Câmara dos Deputados realizam hoje uma audiência pública para debater experiências educacionais voltadas à cultura de paz. O debate foi sugerido pela deputada Jandira Feghali (PCdoB-RJ) e pelo deputado Aliel Machado (PCdoB-PR). Jandira Feghali afirma que há uma cultura de “violência sistêmica” nas […]

National Encounter for Peace Education: Colombia

(Original article: Prof. Alicia Cabezudo, Culture of Peace News Network, 11-2-15) Colombia: “The Peace Process Involves Everyone” “The process of educating for peace must begin many years of listening to each other.”-– David Adams, Round Table on Community Education and Education for Peace. On 1 and 2 October the “National Encounter for Peace Education” was […]

Rwandan training of teacher trainers in peace education

(Original article: The Aegis Trust, 5-18-15) Rwanda’s Ministry of Education last week commenced training its teacher trainers in delivery of the peace education component of the new national Schools Curriculum. The brainchild of the team at the Aegis-led Rwanda Peace Education Programme (RPEP), this has been developed in close collaboration with the Rwanda Education Board […]

The Twinned Peace Sport School (Photo: Peres Center for Peace)

Peace education programs thrive amid violence (Israel / Palestine)

(Original article: Adam Evenhaim, Ynetnews, 10-26-15) The escalating wave of violence Israel has been hit with in recent weeks, which ratcheted up tensions between the country’s Arab and Jewish populations, managed to spur an interesting counter movement leading to a spike in requests for “peace-related materials” for both Jewish and Arab schools. While incitement spreads […]

Peace schools across the world boom in popularity

(Original article: Eleanor Ross, “disruptors”, 9-15-15) The world hasn’t stopped fighting since 1914. The pursuit of peace should become the mainstay of education, and interest in courses like Peace and Conflict studies at universities such as Bradford, Ulster and SOAS are booming in popularity. With the recent civil war in Syria and the ensuing […]

Help us build a global peace education directory.

Where in the World to Study Peace Education? Help us Build a Global Directory

There is a growing demand for peace education, yet few know of the learning opportunities that exist for gaining knowledge, developing capacities, and building the fundamental pedagogical skills for teaching peace.  To address this lack of availability of information, the Global Campaign for Peace Education, in partnership with the International Institute on Peace Education is conducting […]

Learning to Abolish War: Teaching Toward a Culture of Peace

“Learning to Abolish War: Teaching Toward a Culture of Peace,” is a peace education resource packet developed by Dr. Betty A. Reardon and Alicia Cabezudo.  It was the first publication of the Hague Appeal for Peace Global Campaign for Peace Education (published in 2002) and its lessons and framework still hold up well today. “Learning […]

Creating Spaces for Emerging Peacebuilders at the Community College Level

Katie Zanoni (Featured article: Issue #115 November 2014) Questioning the dominant paradigm of thinking that has shaped the reality that we live in offers a powerful opportunity. When I zoom outside of my own reality, I recognize the myriad dichotomies that have shaped my positionality within these socially constructed boundaries. The dichotomy of peace and […]

Announcing a new home for the Global Campaign and the International Institute on Peace Education: A Historical Development in the Institutionalization of Peace Education

(Featured article: Issue #114 October 2014) In a landmark development in the history of peace education, the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE) and the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE), two major agents for the development and dissemination of peace education, have established new institutional homes at the University of Toledo (UT) within the […]