Activity Reports

Conference on the role of Kashmiri women: “Educating Women for Peace and Democracy – a South Asian Perspective”

A two-day international conference on the role of Kashmiri women titled “Educating Women for Peace and Democracy – a South Asian Perspective” was held from May 10 to 11 at European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. [continue reading…]
Activity Reports

European Ministers back education for democracy to counter extremism, racism

Education ministers and officials from 50 countries attended the Council of Europe Standing Conference of Ministers of Education, in Brussels from 11-12 April, 2016, to discuss the theme “”Securing democracy through education: The development of a Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture”. [continue reading…]
Activity Reports

Peacebuilding as a Means to Civic Engagement (USA)

(David J Smith) The College of the Canyons (COC) recently launched a civic engagement initiative. Increasingly it is recognized the important role that colleges can play in providing opportunities for students to participate in democratic processes and community activities. COC has taken a meaningful step forward in establishing a center to take on this effort. I was recently invited to visit to speak with students, faculty, and staff about the peacebuilding/civic engagement connection, and approaches that might be taken by COC to advance looking at conflict and peace issues. My objective was to provide the college with an understanding of how peacebuilding related education and activities could be a strategy for advancing civic engagement. [continue reading…]

The Network for Public Education – “Valuing Public Education: A 50 State Report Card”

From the introduction to the report by Diane Ravitch: “The Network for Public Education believes that public education is a pillar of our democratic society. We believe that public schools can serve all students well, inspire their intrinsic motivation, and prepare them to make responsible choices for themselves and for our society… Educating all children is a civic responsibility, not a consumer good. Sustaining a public education system of high quality is a job for the entire community, whether or not they have children in public schools and even if they have no children. An investment in the community’s children is an investment in the future, a duty we all share.” [continue reading…]

Positive Peace Report 2015

(Original article: Vision of Humanity, 10-22-2015) Positive Peace is a transformational approach to achieving development, resilience and peace. It offers an alternative perspective to identify and measure long-term investments that create [continue reading…]