The United National Alliance of Civilizations Fellowship Programme: Call for Applications

The main objective of the UNAOC Fellowship Program is to challenge cultural stereotypes and develop cross-cultural partnerships between peoples from different faiths and cultures. During two weeks, the Europe & North-America (EUNA) cohort and the Middle East & North-Africa (MENA) cohort will visit each other’s region and interact with a wide range of local actors and partners. In 2016, the Fellowship Program will also focus on Education as a tool to prevent of radicalization and xenophobia. 2016 applications due June 26.

Woman threshing beans in Khulungira Village, central Malawi (photo credit: ILRI/Stevie Mann)

Teaching uMunthu for global peace (Malawi)

In this article from 2010, Steve Sharra shares insights from the country’s primary school classrooms into how to define and understand peace from a Malawian perspective. “As I was beginning a seven-month period in 2004 studying prospects for peace education in Malawian classrooms, a friend of mine seemed very surprised at the topic of my study. Why peace education? She asked. Has Malawi been at war lately? I don’t exactly remember how I responded, but the question of peace education in the Malawian school system appears to me to be as relevant today as it was six years ago. And as it was probably since we first developed our own education system at independence in 1964. September 21 is International Day of Peace, and the theme for this year (2010) is ‘Youth for Peace and Development’. Observing this day prompts me to reflect on what I learned those six months I spent in 2004 visiting Malawian classrooms and talking with Malawian primary school teachers and pupils about how we can define and understand peace from a Malawian perspective.

Dealing with diversity in the classroom

(Original article: Special Reports – Learning World, Dec. 11, 2015) Today’s news is overwhelmed with questions on multiculturalism, diversity and peace. In this edition we take a look at how education can play a very important role in building intercultural tolerance and respect. Australia is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the […]