The journal: Nonviolent Change (NCJ)

The journal Nonviolent Change (NCJ), in its 31st year, is an open access online practical journal on getting to peace and the barriers to doing so at the community through the international level. NCJ carries articles; opinion pieces (“dialoguing”); news and analysis of world, regional, country and environmental events, and of peace justice and environmental organization activities; a calendar of “Upcoming Events”; reviews; media notes; and announcements.

Free downloadable Trainers Guide to Successful Conflict Styles Workshops

This 25 page guide by Dr. Ron Kraybill, a veteran peace educator and trainer with 30 years of experience throughout the world, is designed to enable anyone with basic skills in group facilitation to lead a conflict styles workshop. Step-by-step outline with many samples of suggested trainer inputs includes training exercises, suggestions for opening and closing, a section on culture and conflict, discussion questions, and a roleplay.