Building peace from Colombian universities

“Peacebuilders” is a program that seeks the integral formation of 1,200 university students in Colombia, involved in the scholarship program “Dreams of Peace” of Bancolombia Foundation, in knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes conducive to building Cultures of Peace. The program is carried out by Escuelas de Paz (Schools of Peace) Foundation based on the six components proposed by UNESCO in the 2000 manifesto for a culture of peace and non-violence. It is also based upon six pillars raised by the methodology of education for peace, known as “The Flower for the Culture of Peace”.

Peace and Tolerance through Education – A New Role for Universities

A paper by Prof. Dr. İbrahim Özdemir. Abstract: Today, we live in a world forged by instant communications and flow of information provided by satellites, media, and Internet on a scale undreamed of by our grandparents. The world economy, for example, functions as an inter-dependent entity. However, despite the advances in technology and mass communication, mass travel, the intermingling of races, and the ever-growing reduction of the mysteries of our world, a depressing fact of our time is that misunderstandings, prejudices, and stereotypes among members of different faiths, religions, and cultures still endure. Moreover, this misunderstanding causes regional and globalized major problems and tensions. Therefore, the need to engage in dialogue – with other cultures, people, and religions – is even more urgent than in the past if peaceful co-existence and dialogue are to prevail over confrontation and conflict. To respond to the challenges of the globalized world, new visions and mindsets are needed. This can be done by 21st century Universities.

UN development goals – A bigger role for universities?

(Original article: Rebecca Warden, University World News, 10-17-15) There was no role for higher education in the Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs, the eight ambitious United Nations’ targets for solving some of the world’s most pressing problems, due to expire at the end of 2015. But universities will be expected to be bigger players this time […]

U.S. and Canadian Community College Peacebuilding Programs and Initiatives

David J. Smith maintains a list of U.S. and Canadian community colleges offering initiatives in peace, conflict and related areas (including peace studies, conflict resolution, social justice, justice studies, human rights, and mediation). The types of efforts vary and include degree programs, certificates, community programs, and annual events.  Besides the schools listed, it is estimated that over 100 […]

Creating Spaces for Emerging Peacebuilders at the Community College Level

Katie Zanoni (Featured article: Issue #115 November 2014) Questioning the dominant paradigm of thinking that has shaped the reality that we live in offers a powerful opportunity. When I zoom outside of my own reality, I recognize the myriad dichotomies that have shaped my positionality within these socially constructed boundaries. The dichotomy of peace and […]

The Global Campaign for Peace Education and International Institute on Peace Education Establish a Formal Relationship with the University of Toledo Online Graduate Certificate in the Foundations of Peace Education

“The University of Toledo Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Peace Education is an innovative, unique and essential opportunity for high quality professional preparation in peace education.” -Betty A. Reardon, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Founder Emeritus, International Institute on Peace Education The Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE) and the International Institute on Peace Education […]

Announcing a new home for the Global Campaign and the International Institute on Peace Education: A Historical Development in the Institutionalization of Peace Education

(Featured article: Issue #114 October 2014) In a landmark development in the history of peace education, the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE) and the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE), two major agents for the development and dissemination of peace education, have established new institutional homes at the University of Toledo (UT) within the […]

Educating and Acting for Peace in the Philippines

Loreta Navarro-Castro and Jasmin Nario-Galace Center for Peace Education (CPE), Miriam College(Featured Article: Issue #112 May/June 2014) Looking back at our experience that spans more than three decades we have seen how peace education has become effective and has borne good fruits when it embraces a philosophy that is rooted in upholding human dignity and […]

Impediments to Implementation of Peace Education in Public Universities In Kenya

IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS)Volume 19, Issue 3, Ver. II (Mar. 2014), PP 174-185e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845. Dr Mrs. Esther Chelule, Egerton University, Kenya Abstract: Peace education is an elusive term that has defied many scholars’ definition. It has been defined variously because it carries different meanings to different people. Peace […]

Teaching guide for universities on peace and conflict issues in Davao Region launched (Philippines)

(DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES) —-  Amidst the recent violent escalations in some parts of Mindanao due to bombings and encounters between armed groups, a German non-governmental organization, forumZFD (Forum Civil Peace Service), in partnership with the Commission on Higher Education Regional Office XI (CHED-RO XI) is launching today, 14 August 2013, a peace education teaching guide which […]

Learning from our Students’ Creative Nonviolent Actions: Lessons on Human Rights, Peace and Democracy

Anita Yudkin-Suliveres and Anaida Pascual-Morán UNESCO Chair for Peace Education, University of Puerto RicoCátedra UNESCO de Educación para la Paz, Universidad de Puerto Ricoemail: [email protected]: (Welcome letter:Issue ##73 May / June 2010)   As peace educators we seek to develop understanding of the interconnections between peace, democracy, human rights, and nonviolent action. This is the […]

The Way Forward for Peace Educators

Virginia Cawagas Associate Professor, Dept. of Gender and Peace EducationUniversity for Peace, Costa Rica (Welcome letter: Issue #70 February 2010)   Dear Friends and Colleagues, The drive to the UPEACE campus is a winding road inching along hilly contours of the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Sometimes one side of the narrow road shows the […]