Education and Training in Nonviolent Resistance

This report highlights key strategic functions and outcomes of education and training in nonviolent civil resistance movements around the world. Funded by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), it draws on findings from research, trainer and participant interviews, and the author’s experience with nonviolent civil movements. [continue reading…]

Peace Science Digest Volume 1, Issue 3

This issue of Peace Science Digest, a project of the War Prevention Initiative, provides relevant research examining the current landscape of social conflict: types of mediator leverage in peace agreements, factors for success or failure of civil resistance movements in conflict zones, the relationship between civil resistance and modernization, the opportunities of international peacekeeping forces to contribute to positive peace, and new insights into the connections between minority communities and terrorism. [continue reading…]
News & Highlights

“Civil Resistance: The Power of the People” radio documentary

Released in May 2016, Civil Resistance: The Power of the People is 51-minute radio documentary that is airing on the show America Abroad on National Public Radio stations around the United States. It includes interviews and on-site reporting with practitioners, scholars, and experts on civil resistance. [continue reading…]

Call for proposals: Doctoral and Junior Faculty Research Fellowship on Civil Resistance

The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict’s (ICNC) Doctoral and Junior Faculty Research Fellowship enables eligible applicants to carry out research on civil resistance and/or conduct a study that can benefit from a civil resistance perspective, as part of their dissertation or for an upcoming book, journal article or book chapter. For 2016, $20,000 in total has been allotted for this program. Each Fellowship award ranges between $2,000 and $10,000. The deadline to apply is May 30, 2016. [continue reading…]