Peace Clubs promote culture of peace, tolerance (Zimbabwe)

(Original article:, Nov. 13, 2015) In an effort to address issues of political violence and promote a culture of tolerance, villagers from Buhera West have united to focus on fostering unity in their area. The villagers from Manjengwa Village in Buhera West Ward 5 have united under Peace Clubs, an initiative by Heal Zimbabwe […]

Neoliberalism, Privatization, and the Crisis of Education

(Original article: Harry Targ, Diary of a Heartland Radical, Nov. 14, 2015) Introduction In August, 2015 12 parents in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago launched a 34 day hunger strike to protest the closing of a neighborhood high school. Their demands, along with its reopening, included the establishment of a green jobs oriented curriculum that […]

Hague Appeal for Peace: A Story of Youth and Hope

The editors of the Global Campaign for Peace Education recently discovered this short documentary in our archives.  Presented by the World Federalist Association – Minnesota Chapter, this film captures the stories and hope of youth who participated in the Hague Appeal for Peace Conference, May 11-15, 1999, at The Hague, Netherlands.  The Global Campaign for Peace Education […]

Afghan participants at a September 3 video conference with fellow-peacebuilders from the Philippines. (Photo: IWPR)

Afghan, Philippine Activists Find Common Ground

(Original article: Institute for War & Peace Reporting) Human rights defenders and peacebuilders from Afghanistan and the Philippines met via video link last week to discuss how grassroots efforts were contributing to peace in the contexts of their respective societies. A unique debate facilitated by IWPR on September 3 brought together activists from six Afghan […]

Nepal: lessons from integrating peace, human rights, and civic education into social studies curricula and textbooks.

Nepal: lessons from integrating peace, human rights, and civic education into social studies curricula and textbooks

(Case study posted on UNESCO Clearing House on Global Citizenship Education – Hosted by APCEIU) Summary:  This case study examines the process undertaken by the Ministry of Education (MoE) in collaboration with development partners to revise the social studies curriculum in Nepal. The aim was to promote education for peace, human rights, and civic education […]

Criminalizing War and Those Who Make It

  Download this article: Criminalizing War and Those Who Make It (*Photo caption: Nuremberg Trials. Hermann Göring at the left edge on the first row of benches.) Betty A. ReardonFounding Director Emeritus, International Institute on Peace Education(Originally posted: June 2013) War is a Crime against Humanity and Global Civil Order As members of global civil society committed to global […]

Upholding a Human Right to Peace

   Download this article: Upholding a Human Right to Peace. (*Photo caption: The First Hague International Peace Conference in 1899) In a groundbreaking session at the United Nations on June 6, 2013 members of civil society opened a very significant inquiry into fundamental questions of the desirability and possibilities of bringing an end to war. […]

Funding Opportunity: Program on Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration

Russell Sage Foundation Submission Deadlines: See upcoming deadlines The Russell Sage Foundation launched its program on Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration in the spring of 2015. This new program seeks investigator-initiated research proposals on the social, economic, and political effects of the changing racial and ethnic composition of the U.S. population, including the transformation of communities […]

The Peace Education Programme in Kenya

Mary Wanjiru Kangethe Assistant Director of Education – Ministry of Education Science and Technology, KenyaNational Coordinator, Peace Education Programme(Featured article: Issue #121 May 2015) Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) Kenya recognizes that education has the potential to exacerbate conflict or promote peace and has therefore adopted a conflict sensitive approach to the delivery […]

Global Citizenship Education – a Timely Term for Peace Education?

Werner Wintersteiner Centre of Peace Research and Peace Education, Klagenfurt University, Austria(Featured Article: Issue #108 September/October 2013) “The future of the human genre [species] is now situated on a planetary scale. This is another essential reality neglected by education that should become a major subject. Knowledge of current planetary developments that will undoubtedly accelerate in […]

A Better Curriculum Through Journalism and Peacebuilding

Mark Schulte National Education Coordinator, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting(Featured article: Issue #93 April 2012) The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21), an educational organization consisting of representatives from business and government founded in 2002, has sounded an alarm bell: “There is a profound gap between the knowledge and skills most students learn in school […]

Democracy, Public Reason and Peace Education

Dale T. Snauwaert Associate Professor of Educational Theory and Social Foundations of Education at The University of Toledo Director and founder of the Center for Nonviolence and Democratic Education at The University of Toledo Editor, In Factis Pax: Online Journal of Peace Education and Social Justice  (Welcome letter:Issue #88 November 2011) Peace education, as Betty Reardon suggests, […]

Formulating a Deep Educational Response to Tragedy: Reflections on the Eve of 9-11

Tony Jenkins Director of Education, National Peace Academy (Welcome letter:Issue #87 September 2011) The 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks invites solemn reflection on the lives lost, the presumed path of justice pursued for most of a decade, and the lessons that remain to be learned.  These reflections are almost always with me […]

Peace by Piece: Mainstreaming Peace Education in Nepal

Manish Thapa Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Conflict, Peace & Development StudiesTribhuvan University (Welcome letter: Issue #82 April 2011) Dear friends of the Global Campaign for Peace Education, Nepal’s conflict has left a violent and insecure legacy on society, where respect for human rights and an understanding of peaceful co-existence between people of different opinions or backgrounds […]

Reflexiones sobre Educación y Paz: Acerca del Campeonato Mundial de Foot Ball y la Educación por la Cultura de Paz

Alicia Cabezudo Barcelona, Junio / 2010 Podría presentarse la vida escolar de los chicos de hoy como una imaginaria “línea de fuego” por la que se cruzan – en distintas direcciones –  las múltiples violencias que aquejan al conjunto de la sociedad. Violencia del sistema socio-económico, con sus ajustes sucesivos y creación consiguiente de estrecheces, […]

Reflections on the World Cup & Education for a Culture of Peace

Alicia Cabezudo Escuela de Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad Nacional de Rosario UNR – Rosario Argentinaemail: [email protected] Barcelona, June  2010 (Please click here for the original Spanish version of this welcome letter) School life of children today can be seen as an imaginary “line of fire” crisscrossed by diverse types of violence: violence of the socio-economic system, […]

Learning from our Students’ Creative Nonviolent Actions: Lessons on Human Rights, Peace and Democracy

Anita Yudkin-Suliveres and Anaida Pascual-Morán UNESCO Chair for Peace Education, University of Puerto RicoCátedra UNESCO de Educación para la Paz, Universidad de Puerto Ricoemail: [email protected]: (Welcome letter:Issue ##73 May / June 2010)   As peace educators we seek to develop understanding of the interconnections between peace, democracy, human rights, and nonviolent action. This is the […]

Election Victories: The Power of People, the Strength of Nonviolent Action

Vanessa Ortiz Director, Civic and Field Relations, International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (Welcome letter: Issue #60 – Nov./Dec. 2008)   (With admiration and gratitude for contributions from Shahindha Ismail, Coordinator of Maldivian Detainee Network, Male, the Maldives) “We did it!  I received this simple email message on October 30th, one day after presidential elections – not the […]