STUDY WAR NO MORE Spotlight! Global insecurity: Understanding the “War System”

What is the nature of the “War System,” who and what does it impact, and how might we begin to dismantle it?

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Join the Global Campaign for Peace Education and World Beyond War in this timely discussion of “Global Insecurity” by participating in discussion 2 of our online study guide STUDY WAR NO MORE. This discussion also features a video introduction by David Swanson, Director of World Beyond War.

This goals and objectives of this discussion are to:

  • develop awareness and understanding of the systemic nature of the “War System”
  • explore and identify the deep roots, relationships and impacts the “War System” and corresponding militarism have on social, political, and economic structures and the environment
  • identify the mindsets, attitudes and worldviews that support and sustain the “War System”
  • reflect upon deeply held assumptions and personal attitudes and actions that either sustain or challenge the “War System”


About STUDY WAR NO MORE – A Concerned Citizens Study & Action Guide for “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War”

STUDY WAR NO MORE is a learning and action tool developed and produced by World Beyond War in partnership with the Global Campaign for Peace Education. It is a companion guide to World Beyond War’s publication: “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War.”

Study War No More provides guided inquiries and suggests practical actions for students and citizens to understand the nature of “the war system” and the possibilities for its transformation to an authentic “global security system” pursued via peaceful means.