STUDY WAR NO MORE Spotlight! Debunking the Myths of War

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What are the assumptions we hold about the nature of violence and the practices of war?

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Join the Global Campaign for Peace Education and World Beyond War in this timely discussion on “Debunking the Myths of War” by participating in discussion 3 of our online study guide STUDY WAR NO MORE. This discussion features an introductory video by Study and Action Partner Paul K. Chappell, the Peace Leadership Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.

This goals and objectives of this discussion are to identify, reflect and analyze assumptions of war, violence and conflict. This would be a great introductory lesson for the US Commander in Chief!

About STUDY WAR NO MORE – A Concerned Citizens Study & Action Guide for “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War”

STUDY WAR NO MORE is a learning and action tool developed and produced by World Beyond War in partnership with the Global Campaign for Peace Education. It is a companion guide to World Beyond War’s publication: “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War.”

Study War No More provides guided inquiries and suggests practical actions for students and citizens to understand the nature of “the war system” and the possibilities for its transformation to an authentic “global security system” pursued via peaceful means.

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