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International Master and PhD in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies

Universitat Jaume I (UJI), Castellón, Spain

Interuniversity Institute on Social Development and Peace (IUDESP)/ UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace

Degree Level:

Comm. College / Assoc. Degree

There is no single way of understanding peace – there are as many ways of making peace as there are diverse people and cultures.

This is one of the ideas underlying the theoretical grounding of the University Master’s Degree in International Peace, Conflict and Development Studies. Based on this assumption, the curriculum of the course provides specific education in the areas of peace studies, conflict transformation, development cooperation, education for peace, cultures of peace, democracy, human rights, communication by peaceful means and gender and postcolonial studies, among other areas.

The International Master and PhD in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies were launched in 1996. With English and Spanish language options, between 50 and 60 international students per year from more than twenty different nationalities participate in this master. The master has international and intercultural teachers embodying the different academic traditions of the world. This master offers professional and academic tracks. The professional term trains co-development cooperation practitioners; officers for UN agencies and other international organizations; observers and mediators in conflicts; humanitarian aid practitioners, experts in awareness campaigns, among others. The academic term, is, on the one hand, additional training for professionals from several fields; and on the other, leads to the avenue of research that allows access to the PhD Program, which has several research lines related to the three thematic areas of Peace, Conflict and Development. The quality of the PhD has been recognized with the Excellence Label Award.

Program is offered in English or Spanish.

120 ECTS