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Doctor of Education (EdD) in International & Multicultural Education, concentration in Human Rights Education

University of San Francisco

School of Education

Degree Level:

Postgraduate Degree - Masters / PhD

Designed to support teachers of early childhood through college, as well as educators working in non-formal settings such as community organizations, Human Rights Education entails understanding the promise of rights guarantees and the gap between rights and actual realities. Courses examine the right to education, schooling with dignity and rights, and curricular efforts towards social justice and comprehensive human rights. Students engage with issues in local and global contexts, with emphasis on globalization, migration, social movements, and transnationalism. Required and Elective Coursework includes:

* Human Rights Education: History, Philosophy and Debates

* Human Rights Education: Pedagogy and Praxis

* International Human Rights Law for Educators

* Gender and Globalization

* Social Movements and Human Rights

* Immigration and Forced Displacement

* Tools for Human Rights Practice

* Peace, Conflict & Education in Global Contexts

* Queering Human Rights Education

* Human Rights and the Media

* Social Justice Pedagogy & the Arts