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Teachers Without Borders Peace Education Program

Teachers Without Borders & John Hopkins School of Education

Type of Program:

Recurring Workshop / Training

The Teachers Without Borders Peace Education Program supports educators in their personal and professional development and connects them with like-minded colleagues from around the world through a supportive virtual learning environment. Through this 3-part course, educators will develop the knowledge and skills to put peace education into practice in their own context. Additionally, participants will engage in self-reflection on their role as peacemakers in their communities. The course consists of three 4-week modules that cover the theory, scope and practice of peace education.

The course is offered as part of the National Peace Academy Certificate Program in Peacebuilding and Peacelearning for a total of 6 units. It is also offered through John Hopkins University for 3 continuing education units.

In her introduction to the Encyclopedia of Peace Education, Monisha Bajaj writes: “One of the founding principles of peace education initiatives is that learners can develop a sense of possibility that enables them to become agents of social change.” The aim of this course is not just to present the theoretical foundations of peace education but to also engage educators in translating theory into practice and in thinking critically about how peace education can most effectively enter their classrooms, schools, and communities.

If wars begin in the human mind, then it is through our minds – through education – that war can be vanquished by peace. This course can make a difference. Dr. Fred Mednick, Founder of Teachers Without Borders and Assistant Professor at the School of Education, will be the online instructor, along with notable guests.

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