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International Institute on Peace Education

International Institute on Peace Education

Type of Program:

Recurring Conference

The International Institute on Peace Education is a three-decades-old, week-long residential experience for educators hosted in a different country every summer. The Institute facilitates exchanges of experiences in teaching peace education and serves to grow the field.

Since its inauguration at Teachers College Columbia University in 1982, the IIPE, an immersion experience in the content and methods of peace education, has been held annually at various universities and peace centers throughout the world. It has attracted many hundreds of aspiring and practicing peace educators from all educating professions and all world regions to learn from and with each other, as they extend and strengthen the global network through which IIPE has made significant contributions to the development of the field.

The IIPE is a multicultural and cooperative learning opportunity that has brought together educators and professionals from around the world to learn with and from each other in short-term learning communities that model principles of critical, participatory peace pedagogy. The Institute is an opportunity for networking and community building and has spawned a variety of collaborative research projects and peace education initiatives at the local, regional, and international levels. The International Peace Bureau, in nominating IIPE for the 2005 UNESCO Peace Education Prize described it as “probably the most effective agent for the introduction of peace education to more educators than any other single non-governmental agency.”