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Foundations of Peace Education: An Online Graduate Certificate Program

University of Toledo

Judith Herb College of Education

Degree Level:

Certificate / Continuing Education

The Online Foundations of Peace Education Graduate Certificate program is designed for educational professionals working in a variety of educational environments, ranging from P-12 schools, community colleges, universities, and non-governmental organizations. The program requires completion of four (12 semester hours) of graduate courses. All courses are offered online (distance learning). Twelve credit hours earned by a non-degree seeking graduate certificate course credit may be applied toward the Masters programs in Educational Psychology (FEEP) or Educational Theory and Social Foundations (ETSF, FOED, FEPE, FEES) or the Doctoral degree in Educational Foundations; however, an admission application to these programs must be field separately. This certificate will provide students with the concepts, skills, and values to infuse peace education throughout the curriculum, thereby providing them with greater opportunities to be hired in a variety of educational settings.

12 credits