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Master of Arts in International Education Development - Focus in Peace and Human Rights Education

Teachers College, Columbia University

Department of International & Transcultural Studies

Degree Level:

Comm. College / Assoc. Degree

In recognition of the unprecedented dimensions of issues of security, war and peace, human rights and global justice, and sustainable development in a world of violent conflict, the ICE program offers a degree concentration in Peace & Human Rights Education. Peace & Human Rights Education are primarily concerned with addressing direct, structural & cultural violence through the transformation of pedagogy, curriculum, and policy related to education in both formal and non-formal contexts. Through the concentration, students are provided with a conceptual understanding of issues related to peace and human rights, as well as practical skills in curriculum design and development. Students are encouraged to follow a program that will prepare them to pursue the objectives of peace and human rights in whatever area of education they choose to concentrate.

32 credits