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M.Ed., M.A., Graduate Certificate, and Ph.D. in Humane Education

Institute for Humane Education (in association with Valparaiso and Saybrook Universities)

Degree Level:

Postgraduate Degree - Masters / PhD

IHE’s online graduate programs are designed to give you the skills you need to create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. Learn to integrate humane education (environmental ethics, human rights, and animal protection) deeply into your teaching, work, life, community and the world. Our premiere graduate-level programs in humane education are fully accredited and offered through affiliations with Valparaiso and Saybrook universities. They include master’s and doctoral degree and graduate certificate programs, all offered in an online format, which allows students from around the world to participate and collaborate. A one week residency on the ocean in Maine near Acadia National Park is also part of the degree programs. Our faculty members are pioneers in the field of humane education and experienced educators and mentors.

M.Ed. and M.A. 36 credits; Certificate 18 credits; Ph.D. 79 credits