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PEAC 505 - Peace Education

University of Otago

Peace and Conflict Studies Department

Degree Level:

Postgraduate Degree - Masters / PhD

A critical understanding of the nexus between education and conflict and the role of peace education in social transformation.

PEAC 505 is an introduction to, and critical analysis of, the emerging subfield of education, conflict and peace. Peace education has emerged over the last sixty years as a platform to achieve the goals set out in the mandate of the UN to create a global culture of peace. Cultures of peace aim to promote respect for life and nonviolent methods of resolving conflict using education aimed at teaching the values of tolerance and human rights. Education as a form of cultural violence is being increasingly examined by national governments as well as international organisations, including the UN agencies, and therefore, there is a great deal of academic as well as practitioners' interest in this area. The paper provides a theoretical and conceptual understanding of the role of education in society: its contribution to ethnic conflict, discrimination and social injustice in a social space that traditionally has contributed to war culture, but also serves as an encounter space for different cultures, genders and identities. This paper shows how the classroom can be a place of fostering nonviolence, human rights and dignity and identifying the manifold linkages between ways of learning and living.

30 points