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Peace Education Training of Trainers

Gulu University

Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies

Type of Program:

Certificate/Cont. Ed/ Prof. Dev.

This is in preparation of trainers to conduct non-formal training for community leaders. The following subjects, mainly based on Toh Swee Hin & Virginia Cawagas (2004) six tenets of peace education are covered in modular form.

The Peace Education Training of Trainers’ (PETOT) programme has been designed to prepare trainers to build the capacity of local leaders in the war-wracked Northern Uganda, and targets no more than twenty trainees at a time. The manual is divided into three major modules to be covered in two or at most five days depending on the level of education of the trainees. The training is based on PETOT manual that is deliberately meant to be a practical guide offering broad guidelines on the basics of Peace Education, conflicts and conflict resolution/transformation skills, knowledge and practices. It aims to facilitate learning-training processes and motivate trainees to identify local/indigenous peace and conflict issues or learning points unique to their contexts and examine how these can become a resource in their training, workplace, community, conflict mitigation situations or other aspects of their daily lives.

"Attendants certificates" may be offered.