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Master of Arts in Peace Education

UN Mandated University for Peace

Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

Degree Level:

Postgraduate Degree - Masters / PhD

The Master of Arts Degree Programme in Peace Education Programme seeks to develop and strengthen the capacity of educators to build a peaceful world in all levels and dimensions of life. Through coursework and independent research or internship experiences complemented with a unique and cooperative learning environment at UPEACE, students will be enhanced in their values formation, knowledge and skills essential to the contributions of formal and non-formal educators and institutions toward resolving and transforming conflicts and violence towards a holistic culture of peace. The programme will provide both a critical understanding of the theoretical and conceptual foundations of peace education as well as engagement with a broad spectrum of critical, participatory and transformative pedagogies. Based on the work, programs and projects of educational institutions and organizations, including schools, universities, UN agencies such as UNESCO, UNICEF and UN Office for Disarmament Affairs, local/international NGOs and other civil society organizations or institutions, students will explore how education is essential in promoting disarmament and nonviolence, local/global justice, intercultural and interfaith understanding, human rights, gender equality, sustainable futures and preventing or addressing emergencies arising from armed conflicts, natural disasters and health crises.

40 credits