Where to Study Peace Education: A Global Directory

Where to Study Peace Education: A Global Directory

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study_peace_edAll around the world there is a growing demand for peace education, yet few know of the learning opportunities that exist for gaining knowledge, developing capacities, and building the fundamental pedagogical skills for teaching peace. In support of this need, the Global Campaign for Peace Education, in partnership with the International Institute on Peace Education and the Peace Education Initiative at The University of Toledo has developed “Where to Study Peace Education: A Global Directory.” This online catalog provides an easy to search inventory of formal and non-formal programs, courses, workshops and recurring conferences in peace education from around the world.

Peace studies programs are abundant in the US and abroad, however, few of these programs focus on educational theory or practice. Therefore, our directory is unique in its focus on programs, courses and trainings specific to research and the study of peace education, and the preparation of formal and non-formal educators to teach for peace. Current listings are oriented towards adult learners or educators, not programs offered directly to students in schools.

Listings in the directory fall into two broad categories:

1) The study of education (systems, philosophy, pedagogy) and its role in building peace
2) Teacher and learning facilitator training and preparation in peace education (theory, methodology, pedagogy)

The Directory thus far includes programs, courses and trainings focused on the study of the philosophy of education, critical pedagogy, democratic education / citizenship education, emergency education, social justice education, restorative practices, conflict resolution education (and peer mediation), educational development studies, human rights education and learning, and education for gender equity / equality and women’s empowerment.

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We need your help to grow the directory!

We know there are many more programs out there. If you are running a program, teaching a course, or are currently a student studying peace education, or have the necessary information about such a program, please take a few moments to complete our online submission form. We are interested in gathering details about current formal (university based), informal (conferences, non-university based trainings) and non-formal (independent, citizen-based) programs of study and ongoing trainings and workshops. Programs submitted should go beyond the content of peace and conflict studies courses and should emphasize pedagogy or practice, teaching theory, educational policy, or research related to peace education.

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