PEACE Grants: Mind and Life Institute

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PEACE Grants: Mind and Life Institute

 Visit the Mind and Life Institute for full details and to apply

Letters of Intent are due April 14, 2017.

Programs delivering contemplative training in various settings have expanded rapidly over the past decade. Our knowledge of cognitive, physiological and clinical effects of these practices (particularly mindfulness) has grown steadily, in large part due to the ongoing efforts of the Mind & Life Institute. Expanding from a focus on awareness-based practices to include the cultivation of virtuous, prosocial qualities and actions is clearly warranted as we look to foster positive change in the world.

To this end, the Mind & Life Institute is pleased to lead the way in supporting the development of this critical field through our new funding program, the PEACE Grants — supporting research on novel interdisciplinary approaches for investigating and nurturing wholesome mental qualities related to Prosociality, Empathy, Altruism, Compassion, and Ethics (PEACE). With this mechanism, Mind & Life will fund projects that advance our understanding of the mechanisms, implementation and outcomes of contemplative strategies to promote well-being and “doing good” in individuals and communities. In addition, we encourage the development of measures to rigorously assess these qualities in various real-world contexts.

This grant program encourages the active collaboration of scientists with contemplative scholars/practitioners in all phases of research. Two levels of funding are offered—$25,000 and $100,000—for projects that can be completed in a two-year time frame.

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