Odisha government (India) to introduce human rights education in school curriculum

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By Minati Singha

(Reposted from: The Times of India.  April 30, 2017)

BHUBANESWAR: Odisha government has decided to introduce human rights education in school curriculum. The subject will be launched in text books of class VI to X.

“Many concepts of human rights education like peace education, moral education, right to education and freedom of speech and education for girls are in the form of story, essay and poem. But there is no specific chapter on human rights education in any text books,” wrote Snigdha Mishra, deputy director of Teacher Education and Science Education Research and Training (TE & SCERT) to the school and mass education department.

She said, the expert committee which constituted in 2010 may be reconstituted as many of the members have already retired. The committee may revisit the textbooks of class VI to X for incorporation of human rights education in school curriculum, if required.

“The committee may see the mode of implementation of human rights education in 100 schools of eight districts. So that it can help to decide regarding the nature of incorporation of the concept in text books,” Mishra said.

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