New UN Resolution on the Right to Education adopted

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(Reposted from: UNESCO.  June 23, 2017)

The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a new Resolution on the right to education within the framework of its 35th session, which stresses UNESCO’s lead role for Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4).

The Resolution reaffirms the importance of ensuring the human right to education as defined by international conventions, including notably UNESCO’s Convention against Discrimination in Education.

The Resolution calls upon States to give full effect to the right to education, notably by “putting in place a regulatory framework for education providers guided by international human rights obligations”, and to promote technical vocational education and training as a means of ensuring the realization of the right to education. The Resolution also encourages States to measure progress in the realization of the right to education, such as by developing national indicators, and to consider justiciability when determining the best way to give domestic legal effect to the right to education.

For years, the Human Rights Council has expressed serious concerns about the situation of millions of children and adults unable to fully enjoy their right to education and has issued an important number of resolutions reaffirming commitments towards making the right to education a concrete reality for all.

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