More Peace Please: Brazilian youth create posters for a school-wide ethics campaign

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More Peace Please: Brazilian youth create posters for a school-wide ethics campaign

By Maria do Rozário de L. Botelho

ABA Global School is an IB World School in  Recife, Brazil that offers a bilingual program for children aged 2 to 10 years old.  This school is part of an educational institution called ABA Global Education. 

The Year 5 class participates in the IB  PYP (Primary Years Programme) exhibition as a culminating project to apply their learning in an IB PYP community. The students are  engaged in a school-wide ethics campaign which they entitled “More Peace Please.  They have been learning the basics of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and are doing their best to create personalized pro-peace action plans for each of the school’s eight cohorts.  The poster project was undertaken with the help of Professor Francisco Gomes de Matos who is a Peace Linguist and President of ABA Global Education.

The Year 5 class took advantage of his visit to the classroom to undertake a “poster workshop” wherein small groups of students created posters to raise awareness about the ethics campaign around the school. The students learned about rhyme, alliteration and acronyms as tools to enhance the communicative ability posters.  The posters are the students’ creations and were beautified and formatted with the help of the school’s design team.

Download the original pdf’s of the posters: Cartaz 1, Cartaz 2, Cartaz 3, Cartaz 4, Cartaz 5, Cartaz 6, Cartaz 7, Cartaz 8


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