Intro to Roadmap: Online Course

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Intro to Roadmap: Online Course

roadmapWhat: Introduction to Roadmap Online Course
Who: Metta Center for Nonviolence
Where: Online (Moodle platform)
Cost: Free! (donations always welcome to support our work)
Start date: anytime you want, at your own pace

At the Metta Center, we strive to help people from all walks of life to discover the power of nonviolence, and to understand how to use nonviolence safely and effectively. One of the educational resources we have developed to this effect is the Roadmap model, and our lastest addition to the model is the Roadmap online course!

The Intro to Roadmap online course will help you:

  • Become familiar with the roadmap model and find your place in it
  • Understand core concepts relating to the Roadmap and nonviolence in general
  • Orient your passion and work within the Roadmap and share it with others
  • Connect with others who are passionate about nonviolence through the course discussion forums

ROADMAP is a way of making the movement of movements visual,  and set of tools activists (and those who wish to get active) can use to:

  • Build Community
  • Train in Nonviolence Principles
  • Create and pursue strategic thinking toward the realization of campaign goals.

This course is the first offering on Metta’s new online learning platform, Moodle. If you would like to register for the course and help us pilot it, please click here! As this is our first course offering on Moodle, we are offering this course free as a test run and hope to get your feedback on it.

It’s also a self-paced course, so you can start anytime and go at your own pace.

We’ll look forward to your participation. Stay tuned for more course offerings in the coming months!

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