Integrating Educational Perspectives into the International Peace Bureau World Congress 2016

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The International Institute on Peace Education and the Global Campaign for Peace Education at the IPB World Congress 2016 on Military and Social Spending

“Disarm! For a Climate of Peace – Creating an Action Agenda”

Technical University. Berlin, Germany
September 30-October 3, 2016

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The Global Campaign for Peace Education is collaborating with the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE) and partnering with the International Peace Bureau (IPB) to develop a special peace education strand on military and social spending at the IPB World Congress 2016. The theme for the Congress is ““Disarm! For a Climate of Peace – Creating an Action Agenda.”

IIPE & GCPE’s participation is intended to integrate educational perspectives, including formal and non-formal, public and community-based learning strategies, into the policy & citizen action recommendations generated at the Congress. IIPE & GCPE are also encouraging educators to participate in the Congress to learn from the experience and perspectives of activist and policy-maker counterparts.

The aim of the IPB World Congress 2016 is to bring the issue of military spending, often seen as technical question, into the broad public debate and to strengthen our global community of activism regarding disarmament and demilitarization. Solutions to the enormous global challenges of hunger, jobs, and climate change can be significantly enhanced by real disarmament steps – steps that need to be clearly formulated and put into political reality.

The objectives of the World Congress concern the connection between, on the one hand, the current global militarization and wars, and on the other, the need for a transformation of the war system. It becomes increasingly evident that without overcoming militarism and the dependence on militarized global and national security systems, a socio-ecological transformation with the goal of a just and equitable international social order cannot be achieved.

Earlier work on the essential need for economic conversion and demilitarization has in recent years rarely been addressed by peace movements or by the social and educational organizations that embrace transformation as their primary goal. Illuminating the connection between militarism and socio-ecological transformation is the specific challenge to be addressed by IPB’s World Congress.

 Download a press release from IPB about the 2016 Congress

Special IIPE organized events

Introductory Workshop: “Disarmament Education: Imperative for Peace”

The IIPE will convene a 2 ½ hour introductory workshop on disarmament education during the Congress. This workshop, intended for activists, policy-makers and formal educators, will explore pedagogical strategies and action-learning approaches supporting the goals of disarmament education as identified by the Final Document of UNESCO’s World Congress on Disarmament Education. In particular, we will examine action-learning approaches in which participants in civic and/or social action learn from reflecting on the strategies, methods, and experience of an action toward a desired change or achievement; assess the effectiveness of the action, and on the basis of this learning, and project the next phase of action toward the goal of disarmament and demilitarization. These specific stages of the action/reflection process of politics as learning can be adapted to formal and non-formal learning settings.

½ Day Workshop: “Disarmament Education: Imperative for Peace”

The IIPE will offer a special ½ day workshop on Monday, Oct 3. Building upon the introductory workshop, this session will inquire more deeply into the process of action-learning approaches as transformative peace pedagogies and educational change strategies for disarmament and demilitarization as an educational means to achieving the goal of socio-ecological transformation and an equitable international social order.

Working Group on Peace Education

Following the workshop on October 3, the IIPE will convene a working group session exploring recent regional and global efforts and strategies for peace education. Participation in the working group is open to all interested participants. IIPE and Global Campaign for Peace Education community members are strongly encouraged to attend. This event will also inaugurate a new biennial schedule for the IIPE intensive residential experiences in peace education.


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