Peace Education Miniprints No. 68

Exploring Peace Education in South African Settings

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Peace Education Miniprints No. 68

Author(s):  Valerie Dovey
Reproduced & distributed by: Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
Date: December 1994

This paper provides a synopsis of a research report done by the Youth Project of the Centre for Conflict Resolution (CCR), an autonomous institute with the University of Cape Town. In 1992 the Human Sciences Research Council initiated a cooperative research programme into South African youth and the problems and challenges they face. CCR was commissioned to participate and submit a report on conflict resolution and peacemaking among youth. The synopsis of the report is divided into three sections. Section 1 focuses on the needs of South African children and youth and asks: (1) What do our young people say? and (2) What do educationists say? Section 2 focuses on an overview of peace education programmatic and research initiatives. Section 3 examines the way forward with: (1) Peace Education for South African youngsters in both the school and the wider community; (2) Some cautionary thoughts in regards to terminology, schools, and parents; and (3) Research directions.

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