A Call for Support and Solidarity with Purged Academics for Peace in Turkey

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A Call for Support and Solidarity with Purged Academics for Peace in Turkey

The Global Campaign for Peace Education invites you to join a campaign to support the academics in Turkey who have been expelled from their university positions.

There have been several crackdowns on academics in Turkey. Many have been detained, jailed, and even dismissed from their posts through statutory decrees. Among them are the “Academics for Peace”, who signed a declaration for ceasing human rights violations in the Kurdish provinces. Signed by 2,212 academics in Turkey, the declaration is supported by 355 international scholars. As of March 2017, at least 383 signatories have been purged from their jobs, banned from traveling abroad, and denied recourse to legal dispute. During this difficult time, these scholars have to support their livelihood and families.

To show solidarity with the affected academics, Research Institute on Turkey and Bostonbul, both 503(1)c non-profits, GIT-NA and concerned academics in North America are launching a campaign to raise $105,000 and support an equivalent of 35 academics for 6 months over minimum wage. The funds will be fully allocated to financially support the Academics for Peace through close collaboration with Education and Science Workers’ Union, Egitim-Sen, and other associations which are actively assisting the purged Academics for Peace at the local and international level.

Here is how you can help:

  • Donate at this link. There is no small amount. All donations are fully tax deductible within legal limits. Your employer may match your donation – please use the name Research Institute on Turkey, Inc. with Tax ID # 81-4004031. For more information please see here, talk to your HR Rep, or contact [email protected].
  • Forward this call for support to your network and encourage them to get involved.
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We very much hope you will join us in this solidarity campaign. With your participation, we will illustrate that the #AcademicsForPeace are not alone.

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