Angola: Moxico – State Secretary Defends Human Rights Education in Police Training

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(Reposted from: All Africa.  March 23, 2017)

Luena — The integration of the teaching of human rights in the training of new personnel of the National Police (NP), for a new approach of the matter by the corporation was on Wednesday in Luena city, eastern Moxico province, defended by the Secretary of State for Human Rights, António Bento Bembe.

Speaking on the importance of human rights in a lecture addressed to the National Police staff, under his three-day working visit to Moxico, the official said that the staff will better understand the issues related to these aspects and will establish a better interaction with the citizens.

The training will, on the other hand, help staff identify the factors that create a favorable ground for human rights violations during their missions. 

“Insufficient police training, based on incoherent programmes and massive recruitment to deal with high levels of crime, are factors that underlie human rights violations”, he said.

At the time, he appealed to those present to treat citizens with respect and dignity, since modern society is governed by human rights.

“The police, whose responsibility is to enforce the law, must have the sense of citizenship which consists of the awareness of the Rule of Law it is not sustained without having as centre the dignity of the human person and the human rights duly guaranteed”, he stressed.

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