COP21Paris: #DisarmForOurPlanet

A few figures you may not know about military pollution

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A few figures:

  • With 500,000 buildings and infrastructures around the world, including 500 large-scale military bases, the Pentagon was marked the world’s largest energy consumer in 2013.
  • Every year it is reported that the British Ministry of Defence is responsible for 70% of all the carbon dioxide emitted by the UK
  • The army is the largest landowner in France: 265,000 hectares, that is to say 0.5% of the national territory is polluted by the army
  • 80% of armed conflicts between 1950 and 2000 were located in the most biodiverse areas; many of which were homes to protected plants and species
COP21Paris: #DisarmForOurPlanet

COP21Paris: #DisarmForOurPlanet


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