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Announcing the Compartir Peace Education Prize – Colombia

The Compartir Foundation will award a new Peace Education Prize that recognizes, promotes and makes visible in Colombia educational projects, teachers and principals, who are also transforming leaders using active pedagogical strategies – participatory, inclusive and meaningful practices – that promote attitudes, beliefs and practices consistent with cultures of peace, especially in contexts where exclusion, aggression and violence practices have been common. [continue reading…]
News & Highlights

Peace poetry: a burgeoning movement in Pakistan’s KP province

Adnan Bangash, an avid reader of peace poetry, says the promotion of peaceful literature is the best way to guide people in the current chaotic circumstances in which the country finds itself. “Our land is combusting in the flames of war,” he says. “By spreading peace education, we can support society to turn away from conflict.” [continue reading…]
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How Do Peace Educators Deal With Culture?

How do you cope with the challenges and avail yourself of the opportunities of multicultural work environments? As part of a graduate project, the Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI) at University of Tampere, Finland, is investigating peace educators’ and peace workers’ views on the role of culture in their teaching and training practices. [continue reading…]

More efforts are needed to mainstream values like tolerance and the appreciation of cultural diversity within National Education Policies

An analysis of different themes and concepts associated with Global Citizenship Education (GCED) reveals that within the main topics associated with GCED, appreciation of cultural diversity and tolerance are less likely to be reflected in national education policies, curriculum and teacher education. [continue reading…]