Peace Education is the Lasting Solution to our Problems (Nagaland, India)

In the present context where Naga society is undergoing conflict situation, youth are called to be peace builders and agents of peace in our families and communities. With the objective of preventing conflicts by engaging, empowering and enabling the youth as peace builders, the Peace Channel family of Kiphire district organized a one day peace […]

Ferguson and Peace Education: Developing Moral Imagination and Capacities for Peace and Political Efficacy

By David Ragland While going between Ferguson, New York and Pennsylvania since Early August, one of the protest chants from Ferguson stuck with me: “The whole damn system is guilty as hell the whole damn system is guilty as hell.” As a peace learner and educator, I cannot but help to reflect on that statement, […]

Creating Spaces for Emerging Peacebuilders at the Community College Level

Katie Zanoni (Featured article: Issue #115 November 2014) Questioning the dominant paradigm of thinking that has shaped the reality that we live in offers a powerful opportunity. When I zoom outside of my own reality, I recognize the myriad dichotomies that have shaped my positionality within these socially constructed boundaries. The dichotomy of peace and […]