A Review of “The Gender Imperative: Human Security vs State Security”

The Gender Imperative: Human Security vs State Security, edited by Betty A. Reardon and Asha Hans, New Delhi, Routledge, 2010, 456pp. “For this, in sum, is the essence of human security, wellbeing made possible through the elimination of all forms of violence, assured by institutions designed specifically to achieve and maintain well-being; in short, demilitarizing […]

2011: A New Year of Hope and Visionary Futures Thinking and Planning for Peace Education

Tony Jenkins Director of Education, National Peace AcademyCoordinator, Global Campaign for Peace Education (Welcome letter: Issue#79 January 2011) Dear friends & Colleagues of the Global Campaign for Peace Education, The warm glow of the New Year, still shimmering upon us, brings with it fresh beginnings and returns us to a place of hope that often […]